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.45 ACP 200 Gr. SWC - 500 Ct.

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    .45 ACP 200 Gr. SWC - Sized to .452 (Typical). Other sizes available upon request call or email for options.

    Very likely the most popular .45 ACP bullet ever made.  Capable of fine accuracy.  Popular in USPSA, IDPA and Bullseye  competitions.

    500 Count

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    1. Reliable Company & good products

      Their 200 gr 45 acp bullets performed
      on 29th Mar 2021

    2. Great company making great products

      I appreciate very much how this company has kept its prices low while everyone else's prices went up. The bullets I got weigh consistently and measure consistently. The polymer coating is great, better and cleaner than bare lead and not as expensive as jacketed ammo which is unnecessary at .45 acp velocities. I will buy through them first whenever possible. Keep up the good work! on 15th Jan 2021

    3. Loaded for son's 45 kimber with 4.9 bulleye.

      They shot well and also without any misfunctions. on 31st Aug 2019

    4. Glad I made my first foray into.45 with Bayou

      Been loading nine for a couple years and lately had a .45 1911 'thrust' upon me. A deal I couldn't refuse. Did the research and to no surprise found that Bayou's 200gr SWC was very popular. Ordered a 100 for load development then ordered up another 500. For me, out of an SA Loaded Combat, 4.4 of TG @ 1.150 seemed to group the best at 10-15 yards. Loaded up a couple hundred and shot a local steel match. No issues once I figured out the sights, need an adj rear. I'll be ordering another 1k soon and I have some 150gr SWCs in 9mm to try next. on 19th Dec 2018

    5. Best I've ever used!

      I recently ordered a 100 round test pack of the coated .452" 200gr LSWC Bayou Bullets and was VERY happy with everything about them. They were more consistent in diameter and weight, loaded easier, shot cleaner, and were more accurate than the uncoated LSWCs I had grown accustomed to from another very popular maker. There was also a very noticeable lack of smoke while shooting because of the coating on the bullets. If Bayou Bullets keeps up what they are currently doing, I'll be a lifetime customer! Just placed order #2 today. on 28th Sep 2018



    7. great bullets

      Recently ordered and received 200 grain .452 SWC bullets. When they arrived, I checked them for consistency. All were dead on .452”, and weighed 200 grains. Loaded a few and shot them with no issues and very good accuracy. The coating holds up well and doesn’t come off like some others. These will be my “go to” bullet in .45 ACP.I’ll be buying these again. on 24th Apr 2018

    8. Great service and great bullets

      I've shoot several thousand Bayou bullets in the last couple months and will be buying many more. I love the 240 gr swc for 44 spl. and 44 mag. the 160 gr. rn for 38 spl. and 357 mag.
      Today I took my new never fired CZ 97 BD and a 20 year old Colt gov. model to the range and shot 200 of Bayou's 45 cal. SWC in 45 acp. 18 of the first 20 rounds ever fired from the new CZ were on a 2" shoot-n-c target at 15 yards the Colt did a little better with 20 out of 20. Bayou's bullets are the best and service is even better. I live in Kansas and placed an order Friday AM Tuesday they showed up in my mail box that's what I call service.
      Now for the down side the lady that delivers my mail hates Bayou bullets because a case of the 240 gr. bullets weigh about 70 lb. she refused to deliver my last case I had to pick them up at the post office. It's kind of funny I watched her pull up the mail box and leave a note saying sorry I missed you pick up your package tomorrow at the post office.
      on 30th Mar 2018

    9. Thank you Dennis!

      I was new to reloading .45 acp. I had some issues because data was all over the place for OAL, case bulging, and charge. I started out rough 1.275 OAL, 5.3 grains of Unique, and not so straight seating. Emailed Dennis and he called my home and left a VM. I returned the call at 5PM PT thinking no way but he picked up at home. After a great discussion, I flattened out the end of my bullet seating shaft for a straighter presentation and moved down to 1.255 ( a finger nail according to Dennis), moved my charge up based on newer data to 5.7 grains of Unique, and I have excellent results. Out of a service model XD, these are very accurate rounds. At 4 fence posts (40 ft) all five were in the 2" sticker. 100 % failure free and very soft. I was so happy to be recommended to Bayou Bullets, I will buy nothing else now. on 6th Feb 2018

    10. first purchase

      Everything as promised with a quick delivery on 2nd Feb 2018

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