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9mm 105 Gr. FP

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    9mm 105 Gr. FP - Sized to .356 (Typical) Other sizes available upon request call or email for options.

    A great choice for Steel Challenge type matches.

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    1. XDM 5.25 loves them

      Shooting these out of my XDM with 3.5 grains under about 1.5 inch groups at 25 yards. Also shoots well out of my Rock Island 1911 with same load. Haven't shot through chronograph but don't think it makes 120 powerfactor. Shoots pretty soft though. Great price fast shipping and no leading. on 21st Sep 2016

    2. Great for light load, fast shipping and no smoke

      Shooting this out of a Springfield XDM 5.25 behind 3.5 grains of Titegroup under an inch for 7 shot group at 25 yards. Haven't chrono'ed yet but light load. Good when power factor is not an issue. on 6th Sep 2016

    3. Another great Bayou Boolit!

      Have wanted to try these for some time as a light training load for new shooters. Got a 100 cont sample pack and tried a few different powders. Just received 2000 of these and have settled on 700X or Titegroup as a soft load. Seat these just deep enough to feed well. And as usual, super fast delivery. Placed the order, hung up the phone, went to the mail box and there they were...Well not exactly, but 2 days is plenty fast for me. I heard some of my shooting buddies fussing about waiting 8 to 10 days for delivery from other coated bullet suppliers. on 15th Jun 2016

    4. Great for my steel guns

      I have been using Bayou Bullets for my 40 and 45 for years. This year I decided to build 2 steel guns, one for iron sights, and one for open. I have ran a few thousand of the 105's through both guns and love the performance. Just as accurate as my jackets bullets and much more cost effective. on 31st May 2016

    5. Wow, very surprising little bullet

      Also tested 115, 124, and 135 Bayous in an M&P and Glock (9mm). These baby flat nose 105 Bayou's were a VERY close second place to the 115 round nose bullets. Very surprising. They shot better out of my M&P than my friend's Glock. on 14th Apr 2016

    6. Great bullet

      Great bullet all around. It likes to go fast for accuracy.

      Loaded 6.7 grains of Power Pistol. Nice tight group.
      on 30th Dec 2015

    7. Great Bullet for Target

      I have loaded thousands of this bullet and I shoot it through many different pistols, and I have never had any leading of the barrel. I highly recommend this bullet for reloading. It is extremely accurate using 6 grains of AA#5 from a Glock 17. on 21st Dec 2015


      Very accurate bullet, great for steel challenge. No leading, super clean. on 18th Dec 2015

    9. excelent performance

      have used before and will use more in future on 18th Nov 2015

    10. Very good for .380 ACP

      I've been loading the 105gr cast polymer coated bullets primarily for my Glock 42. Cleaning the barrel after shooting these was easy, with no visible leading. I'm loading my next 500 bullets and will be getting more when I use these up, since they are inexpensive, reliable, and accurate.

      I have been waiting to write this review because I wanted to get a few more rounds downrange than my first order of 100. I can now safely say these bullets feed well and when loaded to a maximum charge of Unique deliver a little over 950 fps with no pressure signs. I was getting 3" groups at 30 yards.

      I recently shot and killed an aggressive copperhead and blew it apart, I'm not worried about these bullets ability to perform when needed.

      I am now loading these for target rounds in .357 Sig, as they have a short enough tapered section to provide just enough straight sides to seat them at 1.140" COL and a crimp groove in case you want to try a roll crimp to prevent setback or possibly boost velocity.
      on 10th Jul 2015

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