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.40 S&W/10mm 165 Gr. TCG - 1000 Ct.

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    .40 S&W/10mm 165 Gr. TCG - Sized to .401 (Typical). Other sizes available upon request call or email for options.

    By popular demand Bayou Bullets offers a 165 gr TC grooveless bullet.

    No grease groove to interfere with seating depth for those shooters who want or need to load long for improved reliability in their favorite pistol.

    1000 Count

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    1. Perfect Practice Bullet

      Consistant weight. Size is dead on (The bullets must have been resized after the coating was applied). Less expensive than jacketed bullets - about the same price as plated but with no copper fouling to deal with. Will definately buy more ! on 17th Feb 2024

    2. great deal

      These bullets are a very good value.
      Less powder to make power factor than lead or jacketed.
      Also very good people to work with & they support IDPA.
      I will definitely buy from them again!
      on 14th Oct 2016

    3. pleasent suprise

      ordered and received 1000 40cal. Well packaged and shipped quickly. worked up a point of aim load for Glock mod. 22. I am more than satisfied with the way they preform.. The accuracy is very good, and after 200 rounds, the barrel had a faint trace of lead. This load is running at 1030fps. Very clean during the reloading process. No lube to gum up seating die.. The price is right. What's not to like? If you want to cut down the cost of running your 40 without giving up anything I can think of, give these 165g. bullets a try. on 14th Oct 2016

    4. My Preferred IDPA and USPSA Bullet

      I've used this bullet for the past couple years in competitive shooting. It is accurate and clean to handle as it doesn't gum up the reloading press with lube. The availability of different colors is a nice touch. on 15th Aug 2016

    5. Rating Bayou Bullets

      Great bullets , at a great price. Also like the idea you can by a hundred at a time. The 165FP work great with my M&P Pro series and the 180FP work great in my M&P Compact. on 15th May 2016

    6. Great bullets / great service

      Bayou Bullets are uniform in size and weight, very accurate and don't leave deposits in the barrel even after extended shooting sessions. I've always been pleasantly surprised at how fast they ship. on 13th Nov 2015

    7. Bayou Bullets are clean, consistant performers

      The 165 gr. Bayou Bullets I use for USPSA competition are clean to reload and they are consistantly uniform in surface smoothness, size and weight. Using Bayou Bullets I find I just never need to worry how they will perform. For my money Bayou Bullets exceed my expectations. on 27th Oct 2015

    8. Great Bullet

      I was skeptical at first but having loaded and shot around 500 rounds, I am very happy with the bullet, the price and entire company really. They are everything they say they are. on 27th Oct 2015

    9. Very accurate and no leading or sloffing off the coating, like others with a polimer coating.

      To me they are perfect and cost competively priced. Their delivery and order department cannot be beat. on 30th Sep 2015

    10. Great as usual

      Excellent bullets. Consistent quality and dimensionally uniform. Very accurate 10mm range load with 6.3 grains of Bullseye... on 29th Jun 2015

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