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.38/.357 158 Gr. SWC

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    .38/.357 158 Gr. SWC - Sized to .358 (Typical). Other sizes available upon request call or email for options.

    A very accurate bullet and cuts a clean hole in the target.

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    1. Very nice

      Loaded up a few mid range 357 mags. Very happy,nice clean target holes. The 158 gr coated bullets all looked very uniform. Will be buying again and would recommend!!! Also the packaging was very good and survived shipping!! Very happy about that!!! on 6th Nov 2023

    2. excellent .38 special bullet

      Recently had the opportunity to try Bayou swc bullets in one of my revolvers. I was not disappointed. Very consistent bullets with almost zero residue to clean up afterwards. Thank you! on 2nd Sep 2023

    3. Great 38 caliber bullet

      I use these in police L matches in a S&W M14 using Vit. N310. They are a good choice for what ever you use them for. on 25th Jul 2023

    4. Match Master sez great product

      Bayou's bullets do just what they say they will, totally smokeless and accurate, totally non leading and great looking too! Me likum on 26th May 2023

    5. I have used Bayou Bullets for years with good results

      I cannot tell you about the terminal effectiveness of Bayou Bullets, but I have used them for years with good target results. I like Bayou Bullets for their cost effectiveness. I load .357 magnum, .40 S&W and .45 auto with Bayou Bullets and they are accurate in all of my pistols and revolvers. My preference in .40 S&W is the 180 grain bullet and the 200 grain bullet in .45 auto. I do wish Bayou Bullets would make a 180 grain .357 magnum bullet. I have always received a quality product without defects in the bullets. I also recommend the gold color which I have come to like more than the red color. on 8th May 2023

    6. Great standard for .38/.357

      Been casting or purchasing basic 158/160 gr LSWC's for a few decades. Even had my own homemade lube figured out.
      These Bayou bullets will spoil you. No more 'smoke' or 'burning crayons' smell when shooting, unlike my normal lubed cast bullets.
      As with all Bayou's coated bullets - these shoot very clean. Depending on your chosen powder, cleaning time on your revolver will be like you shot a few jacketed bullets.
      Accuracy has been excellent.
      My casting/sizing stuff is stored away. Bayou is my choice these days for 90+% of my shooting.
      on 29th Mar 2023

    7. 158 grain 357 mag. flat point

      Great bullets at a nice price. on 20th Feb 2023

    8. Great

      Great bullets great prices. Don’t be in a hurry. on 7th Feb 2023

    9. Worth the wait!

      Easiest to load with the Lee hand held unit. I got old eyes so if it's past 25 yds with a snub nose I don't need to be pulling the trigger ( until the threat is closer)! Appears very accurate at that range. on 30th Jan 2023

    10. Great 3:57 bullet

      Haven't shot any out of this batch yet but the ones that I used up or A1 quality on 20th Jul 2022

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