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.38/.357 158 Gr. SWC

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    .38/.357 158 Gr. SWC - Sized to .358 (Typical). Other sizes available upon request call or email for options.

    A very accurate bullet and cuts a clean hole in the target.

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    1. 357 158gr swc... great bullets

      I have been reloading off and on for a very long time. Shot a lot of wheel weights in my time.
      I discovered coated cast bullets a few years ago ... I have been shooting Bayou Bullets for some time now. They are consistent in quality and clean to handle and clean to shoot! Prices are reasonable and customer service is great too.

      on 17th Nov 2020

    2. 158 SWC. Gold color

      Averaged 156.03 grains for 5 random select
      They all miked 158. Excellent quality in appearance. Love these bullets!
      on 1st Oct 2020

    3. Great Bullets

      I'm halfway through my first box of Bayou Bullets (158 gr SWC .358) and am thoroughly impressed. I've pushed these to 1250 fps with no leading what so ever. They are also a joy to reload as your hands don't get covered with lead and lube. They are very consistent in their weight. I pulled 10 random bullets and the biggest weight difference was one grain. I can't wait to order more soon. By far my favorite lead bullet and I have been reloading since 19+87. Thank you. on 18th Aug 2020

    4. Sweet

      Great bullet. Very accurate in my Ruger GP100 .357. Punches perfect round holes in paper targets. Smokeless too. on 3rd Jun 2020

    5. 38 spcl or 357 magnum

      These bullets shoot very well out of My GP100.
      My second order and will definitely be ordering more.
      on 20th May 2020

    6. excellent got 357 magnum

      These are excellent bullets. accurate enough for clanging steel at 90 yards with my 686 or GP100. on 6th May 2020

    7. Accurate and no leading

      Look great, accurate and no leading in my GP100. I doubt I’ll load anything but coated bullets outside of my hunting loads from now on. on 22nd Apr 2020

    8. You want good bullets?

      Buy from Bayou Bullets. They're good bullets. I don't keep track of how many thousands a year I buy, but some years it's been 15k, or more. Other customers I shoot with shoot 20k or more every year. I think I've had 3 unusable bullets during the last several years of ordering. If you want something reliable in your life, buy Bayou Bullets. on 8th Apr 2020

    9. 158 coated are great

      I have shot Bayou Bullets for several years and, although they are not the least expensive available, they are quality with matched customer service. The bullets themselves are easy to load with consistent point of impact provided you use a quality and consistent powder. In regards to barrel fouling I cannot really say much in that respect as I clean my barrels regardless of the bullet used. Bayou also offers some nice purchase incentives from time-to-time. Whether a percent or quantity discount I always try to stretch my shooting dollars with the purchase of Bayou Bullets. Keep shooting and enjoy your range time. on 24th Dec 2019

    10. It's all about consistency

      These are the most consistent bullets I have ever purchased in some 50 years of loading.
      Size within .0004 and weight within .5 grain. Amazing.
      on 17th Jul 2019

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