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.38/.357 138 Gr. BNWC - 3000 Ct. (Case)

65.10 LBS
$18.00 (Fixed shipping cost)
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    .38/.357 138 Gr. BNWC – Sized to .358 (Typical). Other sizes available upon request call or email for options.

    We offer this bullet at the request of a top Bianchi Cup Shooter, this bullet is capable of great accuracy at 50 yds.

    3300 Count - Case

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    1. Super Clean

      Best PPC bullet so far. Very clean.
      on 4th Jan 2019

    2. Ideal Cowboy Action revolver bullet

      I like these for a couple of reasons. I can load BP revolver cowboy loads with no filler, and they are heavy enough to take care of any knockdowns encountered. Easier to load as dies and fingers stay cleaner. on 11th Dec 2018

    3. Great competition bullet

      This is the most accurate bullet I have found for use in my S&W 637 V-8 competition revolver. Over a load of Nobel AO powder, it is dead-on accurate and consistent. Just bought a case after trying a box of 500, and I will be using up my other .38 bullets and using just these in the future. (Please don't stop making them, Bayou, I haven't found them anywhere else!) on 12th Dec 2017

    4. Dedicated reloader

      I’ve been reloading for many years now and my biggest complaint, although the bullets were quality hard lead, they always left a smear of lubricant on my cases as well as my press. The Bayou Bullets are great because of the coating. No more buffing off sticky lube from my casing and seating die. And not to mention the extra smoke when fired.
      Great all around quality, right down to the quick delivery.

      on 15th Nov 2017

    5. Match quality

      Perfect for action pistol competition. Accurate to 50 yards on 3rd Jul 2017

    6. old favorite.

      these things are slicker than a used car salesman!! on 2nd Jun 2016

    7. easy to work with and consistant loads

      I really like these bullets they are easy to work with and handle and so far they are shooting great out of my gun. I will be buying only these in the future on 19th Jan 2016

    8. A+++ Competition ready!!!

      This is a perfect pill for any serious shooter looking accuracy and consistent results. You will not be disappointed with 50yd. grouping.
      Hands down the best!!
      on 3rd Sep 2015

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