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.45 ACP 255 Gr. RN

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    .45 ACP 255 Gr. RN - Sized to .452 (Typical). Other sizes available upon request call or email for options.

    A true heavy weight, these are great for shooting bowling pins. 

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    1. Perfect!

      255 grain Bayou Bullet loaded to 667 fps (170 PF) minimal recoil, great accuracy the only thing left to ask for is more poppers to knock down. C.O.A.L is 1.258" you get a little bulge in the case at the base of the bullet but nothing that effects chambering in my Canadian made Para p-14. I don't recommend using Aquila brass, this is the only brass that bulges so much that it jams the action. I've used just about every other head stamped case with no issue.
      If your looking to reduce the recoil, and maintain Major PF then these are the bullets you need, just be careful working your load up. I would suggest nothing faster than Unique and with that being said I would start at 3.4gr Unique and work up .1 gr at a time.
      on 3rd Jul 2020

    2. Thumpers

      Got my ladders over the Chrono yesterday. My goal with these was 800 fps from my 6" 1911.
      American Select did it at 4.8 but SD wasnt great
      AA# 2 I loaded 4.3 for 743 fps, and 4.6 for 781. both light recoil, although my gun is a bit oversprung and brand new. SD tightened up with the 4.6, Will bump it up to 4.8.
      BE86 really worked well, but iit usually does on coated bullets. Single digit SD's and surprisingly little to no difference in recoil. 5.4 grs for 797

      All loads were 1.240 OAL and FLPM primers, as I have a bunch. Also note the 6" barrel.
      No feed problems, no loading problems
      on 29th Mar 2020

    3. No Load Data

      I thought a 255 grain 45 ACP would be great for carrying out in the woods with the critters. Only after product arrived did I realize, there is no load data anywhere for this bullet. There are many sites showing a 255 grain load for a 45 COLT! However none for a 255 grain 45 ACP as the bullet are marked and sold. Company did offer credit on next purchase for sending the product back.

      Bayou Bullets response...
      Load data is typically readily available in the customer reviews.

      As an example:

      Soft shooting Load *****
      I decided to try these bullets for USPSA at the suggestion of a friend. Soft recoil at 675 fps for Single Stack division major power. 3.0g Clays at 1.250 OAL had no feed problems or malfunctions. I will be buying more!
      - Bob D. on 7th Jun 2018

      1911 Pinbusters Rounds *****
      All I can say is if you are into shooting bowling pins then you have to get these. Bought a 100rds just to try out. I loaded them up with 4.1grs WST with a 1.210 C.O.L. and they are a one hit wonder for the pins. They just fly off the table like nothing. Also the recoil is very manageable with this load and doesn't beat you up too bad. Just used a stock SW1911 during this testing.
      - Bill on 6th Oct 2014

      on 19th Mar 2020

    4. Soft shooting Load

      I decided to try these bullets for USPSA at the suggestion of a friend. Soft recoil at 675 fps for Single Stack division major power. 3.0g Clays at 1.250 OAL had no feed problems or malfunctions. I will be buying more! on 7th Jun 2018

    5. Big bullet with outstanding accuracy!!

      These Bayou Bullets are the best! Last season I was shooting 225 cast bullets at Pin Shoots. While the bullet always cleared the pin off the table I had some malfunctions due to leading and varying OAL due to seating dies getting gummed up from the cast bullets. I heard about bullets using a Hi-Tek coating getting very favorable results with accuracy as well as the gun being easy to clean and getting little to no smoke. I purchased several hundred Bayou Bullet sample packs including the 255 Gr. I have shot the 100 round sample pack without a malfunction through my Ruger SR1911 Target and CZ 97B No more spending hours trying to get leading out of the throat of the barrels! These bullets give excellent accuracy are quick and easy to clean and are dream to reload. I use a Mr. Bullet Bullet Feeder and these bullets feed just fine through it! on 8th Mar 2018

    6. 255 grain 45 bullets

      Although listed as 45ACP bullets, I find they work best in my Ruger Three Screw Blackhawk. They shoot clean and provide exceptional accuracy. on 7th Jan 2018

    7. excellant bullet

      Shot very good through my smith & wesson shield and full size.
      Will continue to buy more and tell friends.
      on 22nd Nov 2017

    8. Thumpers for a 1911

      Yep. Pretty sure these are intended for 45LC. Being
      un-conventional I wanted them for hiking and blowing up milk jugs full of frozen water. I used WST to develope a nice mild recoil thumper that's 865fps. They really dump energy on target @15 yds a d also decent at 25yds. Staggered mag with the and 230gr XTP Bullets in my Springfield hicaps 14+1. It's a backup to my 45/70. Great bullets and fantastic customer service. That's folks.
      on 10th May 2017

    9. Soft recoil

      This is the perfect bullet for anyone shooting 45 ACP in IDPA. The length of the bullet helps reduce the empty case volume when used over small charges of fast powder such as VV N310. This produces velocities in the 610 fps range with single digit standard deviations and very good accuracy. I have cycled thousands of rounds of Bayou bullets through my Glock barrels and have never had any problems or issues. This is a very consistent and excellent product. Ordering is easy and shipping is fast. The only complaint is from my mail man who has to carry the boxes to my door. on 22nd Mar 2016

    10. Love that big Ol' Slow Bullet - thanks for making it, Donnie!

      I found that I really prefer the feel of the recoil from a heavier, slow bullet in my .45 cal 1911 to the sharper impulse from lighter bullets. It doesn't hurt that it takes less powder per round to make power factor. Steel just seems in a hurry to lay down with 255 grains on the way, no matter where I hit it. I was using LSWC heads made for long colt, and asked Donnie about a heavier bullet for .45ACP, as did others. This guy really listens to his customers, so now I have a coated, RN for reliable feeding, heavy bullet for USPSA/IDPA. on 12th Aug 2015

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