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.40 S&W/10mm 165 Gr. TCG

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    .40 S&W/10mm 165 Gr. TCG - Sized to .401 (Typical). Other sizes available upon request call or email for options.


    By popular demand Bayou Bullets offers a 165 gr TC grooveless bullet.

    No grease groove to interfere with seating depth for those shooters who want or need to load long for improved reliability in their favorite pistol.

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    1. Top shelf product.

      Make no mistake, Bayou bullet sells a good quality product. They even do a good job packing bullets for shipment so they'll survive the rough handling.
      I'll be a customer as long as they're selling.
      on 24th Jun 2024

    2. Great Product

      Just switched from another manufacturer. Your bullets are more accurate in my TSO. Good price, quality and quick shipment on 27th May 2024

    3. All around best coated bullets I've tried

      I've tried several brands, some more expensive from well known companies, and some that cost way less from lesser known companies. For whatever reason the Bayous always seem to be more consistent loads and more evenly coated than all others and they never lead or foul my barrels and seem to group tighter. I would wait months on Bayou pills than use cheaper brands I can get in days, it's just plain worth it. on 23rd Feb 2024

    4. Improved Performance

      I was currently using a .400 dia. bullet and I thought I would try one at .401 dia. I was pleased with the tighter groups and will probably switch to this one from Bayou. on 10th Feb 2024

    5. Impressive

      You folks make a good product. Consistent size and finish. The coating seems to be durable and the best part, I save money.
      Copper jacketed and plated bullets have gone up in price considerably and probably won't be coming down anytime soon. Your products make shooting and reloading enjoyable again.
      on 20th Dec 2023

    6. Top Quality

      Easy to load, shoot straight, that's all I need! on 27th Sep 2023

    7. Consistent Quality

      Bayou Bullets is my "go to" source for bullets in all of the pistol calibers I reload. They are consistent in quality and accurate on the range. Prices are competitive, and orders are filled on time. If you are still shooting plated or jacketed bullets, give these 165 grain polymer coated .40 S&W bullets a won't be disappointed. on 30th Jun 2023

    8. Good dual purpose for .40 S&W

      I recently made my first purchase from Bayou in search of a Hard Cast for my .40 that I could load very light for practice but also push hard for woods use. I already reviewed the 147 gr 9mm and this bullet hits the mark for my .40. Gun is a Glock 23 w/KKM aftermarket barrel. I've been using 165 & 180 gr plated bullets and they have shot very well. However, the ones I've been using are (IMO) too soft for woods use. From Bayou, I tried both the 165 FP and the 175 SWC. Both had good accuracy but the 175s proved to be problematic in feeding. However, these HC 165s gave equivalent feeding to the plated and of course a much harder bullet for woods carry. I loaded these to about 775 fps for practice and about 1150 for the woods. I was really interested in the 175 SWC but these 165s hit the mark right away and I told myself "don't overthink it" bullet for both target/training and the woods which was what I wanted!!! on 12th Aug 2022

    9. Great product. 40cal Bullets

      I received Bullets much later but bayou Bullets have explain why . And good enough for me I load 40cal bayou bullets gold color. With powder that had on hand HS-6. 165gr TCG to 980 FPS No smoke no fouling. Shot very accurate up 10yds -20 yds I plan on order more they worth wait

      on 29th Jul 2021

    10. Great Product

      They are well made and consistent weight. All I need is primers. on 15th Jun 2021

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